2019 Weekend 3 – Audio Recordings LMT3

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All School:  LMT1-G opening talk
All School:  LMT1-G Rhys’ chart freedom statements
All School:  LMT1-G summer intensives
All School:  LMT1-G Sunday morning creating from the LP line meditation
LMT3 Arden weekend intro
LMT3 Ellen practicum
LMT3 Chakra Reconstruction/Rebuilding
LMT3 Lisa C: Chakra Rebuilding Healing
LMT3 Raylene: Charts
LMT3 Rhys: Chart Freedom Statements
LMT3 Robin: what do you want meditation
LMT3 Deliverable  intro and a few people
LMT3 Deliverable Alice
LMT3 Deliverable Debbie
LMT3 Deliverable Lillian
LMT3 Deliverable 2 more students
LMT3 Adrienne
LMT3 Amy
LMT3 Andrew
LMT3 Archna
LMT3 Janna
LMT3 Joe
LMT3 Ken
LMT3 Maribeth
LMT3 Robin
LMT3 Susanne
LMT3 Yvonne