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WHAT THE ASSESSMENT IS: The goal of the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles assessment is to reveal which one of the 5 Core Soul Life Purpose Profile qualities drives your purpose in your life. Your Life Purpose Profile gives you the foundation to see your true greatness, your deepest soul truth. It teaches you why you have the kind of body you have, the kind of energy and mind you have, and what truly motivates and inspires you in every area of your life.


Creativity and brilliance- CREATIVE IDEALIST

Deep heart feeling and gentleness- EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SPECIALIST

Caretaking and people-oriented- TEAM PLAYER

Driven to learn for personal best- KNOWLEDGEABLE ACHIEVER

Inspiring change in the world- CHARISMATIC LEADER-CHARMER

Knowing that you have all of these qualities in various amounts and that one of them is your true motivator in life—why you were born and the gift you bring to the world—is the wisdom you need to live a prosperous, happy life.

WHAT THIS ASSESSMENT IS NOT:  It is not a behavioral test, designed to affirm the personality you have adopted out of necessity to get along and survive in the world.

To discover your purpose, you must first realize that throughout your life you’ve made choices in your career, relationships, and health that are not based on your deepest feelings or your soul’s calling. Instead, you created a personality based on the expectations of your family and culture, as well as on you being a boy or a girl, and your behavior followed from that.

Over time, those behaviors tailored to others’ expectations became habit, and then those habits became who you “think” you are. This reinforced a false sense of self that can never truly make you happy. The Life Purpose Profiles disrupt that faulty path, giving you a new and deeper way to see and know yourself.

HOW TO TAKE THE ASSESSMENT: STEPS 1-5: This Rhys Method ®Life Purpose Profile assessment is set up with general statement headers, such as, “In my relationships, on my best day I…,” These headers are followed by responses for how each of the 5 profiles would complete the statement.

The statements range from simple, one-concept statements to more complex statements with more than one concept embedded in them. The goal is not to simply say yes or no if you have behaved that way in the past. We all exhibit each of the 5 Life Purpose Profile behaviors at times. The goal is for you to reach deeper and feel emotionally if this is truly what energizes and inspires you in life, and answer on that basis. Knowing your soul is very different than remembering what behaviors you have subscribed to in various life situations in the past.

Follow these steps to take the assessment:

Step 1:  Read the header statement.

Step 2:  Read each of the 6 statement completions, one at time.

Step 3:  As you read, notice if, as a whole, the statement feels true to you now and throughout your life from early childhood until now.  Maybe most but not all feels true. Maybe only some of the statement feels true, or maybe none of it at all resonates with you.

Step 4:  Rate each answer on a continuum from 1-4, with the number reflecting the following: 1-Never, the statement being not true at all for you. 2-Occasionally, the statement is only true a small percentage of the time for you. 3-Often, the statement is more often true than false. 4-Always, the statement represent a core way you see the world and express yourself.

Step 5:  You receive an e-mail with a link to your results and a report on which of the Life Purpose Profiles is strongest within you.

Step 6:  Follow the directions on the report.

Step 7:  Enjoy!

[/st_text][/st_column][/st_row][st_row id_wrapper=”elm_59a1a726c769f” ][st_column span=”span12″][st_text id_wrapper=”st_text_f2215d2ce0d0aefa0fdcd9f441f5a9c2″ ]Do these words describe you? Read the three descriptors.  Feel how true they are for you, both now and over your lifetime. Then answer by clicking one of the 5 circles in the continuum between Never and Always. Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive a report that tells you what your highest life purpose is, your primary Life Purpose Profile. The report will discuss your Frame of Reference/Orientation, Life Purpose Qualities, Life Purpose Actions, and Pathway to finding your life purpose and power in life, including how you may use some of your strong secondary qualities. You will also get a Quick Study Chart that shows your scores for each of the 5 Profiles, so you can see all of your traits at a glance. The goal is not to label you but to help you discover what is greatest within you! Enjoy![/st_text][st_html id_wrapper=”st_html_3dc77d3ba1327c27738d4ecdfcb25af9″ ]