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There are five kinds of people in the world,
which one are you?

Each person is part of a tribe of people who are born to live a life purpose of feeling, creating, caretaking, achieving, or leading. These are the five basic human traits. All are equally essential in the world now more than ever!

If you are like me, and have played small or tried to be someone who everyone will like, rather than who you really are (which everyone will love!), you know the greatest suffering a soul can endure is a life without a deep sense of purpose.

Think about it….

What if someone you really trusted told you that “this is your life purpose!”

What if that person was you?

Then you could fearlessly run every tough choice you are asked to make through one simple filter. Does this support my life purpose or not?

Your actions would be laser beam focused.

How would it feel for you to go to be every night knowing that you fought the good fight and fearlessly stood for your higher purpose?

You would sleep well at night!

Your life purpose profile is an unbending core energy that exist independent of your body, yet uses your body and life situations to express it.

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