LMT Staff Application

Important:  The shift from student to teacher is a challenge for those who still want the lead teacher or Rhys to work on their personal process.  By taking any of the positions listed below, you are agreeing to leave your personal process at the door, be professional and 100% focus on the students, the school and the mission. If feel strongly that you want to teach but want more work on you, please apply for the Grad program designed specifically to support you in that.

When you fill out the application below, first honor your own gifts and purpose in life, then think about how your unique profile, archetypes, Big Why and your school and life experience and skills can be in invaluable asset to the school and the students.

Instructions:  Please write 1 concise paragraph for each question.  Submit your application no later than July 30th, 2021.

I look forward to a great 2021-22 year!

Staff Application
The Rhys Thomas Institute is growing and there are lots of opportunities for individuals. Please check all opportunities you would be interested in (see below for descriptions):
The Alumni Program Coordinator will take the lead in implementing the Alumni Program and working with the Alumni Program Support Staff to create a strong and cohesive alumni community. This includes further program development, coordination of workshops, newsletters and social events.

The Live Event Coordinator will help in strategically planning and implementing executing live in person events throughout the year.

Marketing support staff can be anything you have a specialty in that can support getting the school and products out into the world. (Writing good marketing copy for e-mails, webinars, Facebook Lives, Instagram, Club House, Twitter, Books, Crystal bowl products and meditations, etc.
Were you in the coaching program
Were you in the grad program?