Profile Assessment – Free (You Awakening – Jacklyn)

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Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine Life Purpose Profile!

[/st_text][st_spacer id_wrapper=”spacer_9db897ddd5f75f6386d1ff1887a75ff7″ ][/st_spacer][/st_column][/st_row][st_row id_wrapper=”elm_59a1a726c769f” ][st_column span=”span12″][st_text id_wrapper=”st_text_f2215d2ce0d0aefa0fdcd9f441f5a9c2″ ]Read the following adjective/descriptor statements. Mark the multiple-choice circles that best describe how true the statements are for you.  Answer by clicking:

  1. No
  2. Rarely
  3. Often
  4. Yes

For each statement, there are 3 adjective/descriptors that refer to traits you may have expressed throughout your lifetime.  Read all 3 and feel inside if as a group they describe your true self on a continuum from no-never, to yes-always.[/st_text][st_text wrapper_padding_top=”20″ wrapper_padding_left=”20″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”20″ wrapper_padding_right=”20″ wrapper_bg_color=”#ffffff” wrapper_border_top=”3″ wrapper_border_left=”3″ wrapper_border_bottom=”3″ wrapper_border_right=”3″ wrapper_border_color=”#bd1c8d” id_wrapper=”text_969abd5c843f9e18d9bc6898829a1b8b” ] If you are stuck on an answer, follow this guideline: If none of the 3 have been true throughout your life, and you never have expressed them, then choose No.  If only 1 of the 3 describes you throughout your life, or you occasionally express those traits, then choose Rarely.  If 2 out of the 3 describe you throughout your life, or you more often express those traits, then choose Often. If all 3 have been true for you throughout your life, and you have always expressed them in some way, then choose Yes.[/st_text][st_text id_wrapper=”text_969abd5c843f9e18d9bc6898829a1b8b” ]When responding to the statements, take time to feel deeply how true each quality is within you from early in your life until now.  Do your best to distinguish between deep, inner truth and behavior.  Some qualities you express regularly will simply be behavior patterns based on doing the right thing as a man or woman, family or cultural expectation, or a reaction to trauma in your past.  Your Life Purpose Profile is a soul quality that has existed within you for your entire life. It is the character underlying your behaviors that you are revealing, not simply a behavior.

Once you have completed the test, follow the directions to have your Life Purpose Profile Quick Test results sent to your e-mail absolutely free.

In your Free Report, you will discover which of the 5 Life Purpose Profiles is the primary guiding force in your life. You will also be guided to see your life purpose frame of reference/orientation, life purpose qualities, life purpose actions, and a pathway to finding your life purpose and power in life.

Enjoy![/st_text][st_html id_wrapper=”st_html_3dc77d3ba1327c27738d4ecdfcb25af9″ ]